The People’s Tables

The Black Lunch Table seeks to democratize the writing of contemporary cultural history by animating discourse among the people living this history.

The Peoples’ Table sessions were first conceived of in 2014 in collaboration with artist Hong-An Truong as Black Lunch Table: Black Lives Matter in direct response to the recent and highly mediatized deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner (among other unarmed Black men), as well as the non-indictment of their police assailants.   

The People’s Table discussions intend to catalyze community dialogue around sociopolitical issues affecting historically disenfranchised populations. This series of discussions — bringing together artists, activists, academics, high school and university students, politicians, and local community members — allows for candid conversations to take place amongst a diversity of people invested in these issues.

The People’s Table hopes to make visible the divisions and connections that exist within our community, while also activating new productive relationships that continue the movement to dismantle institutional racism.